Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free: Toddler Lunch

Hello my lovely readers!

I’ve shared a dairy-free and gluten-free toddler breakfast and dinner, so I figured I should share a lunch too. I was talking with one of my girlfriends on the phone earlier today and she told me about this delicious turkey sandwich that she has been making for lunch, so I just HAD TO HAVE a turkey sandwich too…I’m sure you know how that is!

So, I kept our lunch fairly simple today. I let the toddler pick out his fruit and veggie of choice, which happened to be an orange and some carrots; I cut the carrots into chunks and sliced up the orange (he likes his orange still attached to the peel). I toasted his bread, I always do this to make it a little softer, then added some avocado, turkey and lettuce; I even cut it into a train shape with my amazing skills, just kidding, I used a cookie cutter! Then to finish it off, I added a little coconut milk yogurt, it gets some good bacteria into your body and some calcium too.

Dairy Free and Gluten Free Toddler Lunch

The raw fruits and veggies are naturally dairy and gluten free, as well as the coconut milk yogurt. Apparently some lunch meats have gluten, so make sure to check the ingredient lists, and leave out those nasty nitrates and nitrites too! Last, but not least, I used the Franz 7 Grain bread again, it has basically become a staple in my home because it doesn’t have gluten or dairy (I am still a big advocate for Dave’s Killer Bread, but it isn’t gluten free).

I always share the before photos of our meals, but I thought I would show you the after photo…well, because toddlers will be toddlers and they don’t always eat what all you serve up! If the left overs are salvageable you can always save them for another meal or snack, eat them yourself, feed them to your dog (as long as its okay for them to eat), stick it in the compost…or throw it away.

I think most toddlers refuse food at some point in their young lives, and it is totally normal! I know a lot of parents worry, as do I, about your child getting all the nutrients that they need. This is when smoothies seriously come in handy, you can shove all sorts of things in the blender and make something that tastes awesome and not healthy…hehe…little do they ย know, that it is.

DF GF Toddler Lunch

Happy Munching ๐Ÿ™‚



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