Dairy-Free: Green Chicken Enchiladas

My mother makes these green chicken enchiladas that in my opinion will make you not want enchiladas any other way…they are that good! My recipe differs from hers just a smidge, the biggest differences being that my recipe has added beans and is sans cheese.

If you feel like you can’t live without cheese, you can always use a dairy-free alternative like Daiya. This is another meal that I double, so that it can be eaten for multiple meals or you could freeze half of it…unless you are cooking for a larger group of people.

Dairy Free Green Chicken Enchiladas

Green Chicken Enchiladas

One pound chicken breasts, seasoning optional: oil, garlic, salt, pepper

3 ½ cups green chile enchilada sauce

10 ct medium/soft taco size flour tortillas

¼ bunch of fresh cilantro

1 cup diced green chiles

2 cups of refried beans




Fresh chopped cilantro

The first step is to cook the chicken breast, seasoning is optional, and when the chicken is fully cooked shred it. I typically shred the chicken with a fork, and just scrape it along the breast until it is completely shredded. You could always cheat and get a roasted chicken from the grocery store and just shred it up 😉

Set aside one and a half cups of green enchilada sauce. Finely chop the cilantro, and mix it with the green chiles and the remaining green enchilada sauce. Spread some of the sauce (without cilantro) over the bottom of the baking dishes. I use two glass baking dishes so the recipe is easily split, the size I use is a 2qt, and the dimensions are 21x21x5.

To assemble the enchilada, I lay the tortilla flat, and take a large spoonful of beans and spread in the center, and then I place about 1.5 ounces of chicken on top of the beans, and then pour a couple large spoonfuls of sauce (with cilantro) on top. Then you can fold it like a burrito, to do this you fold two opposite sides towards the middle and then starting at the bottom of the tortilla roll it up.

I repeat these steps with the additional tortillas. Once I am finished, I use the remaining sauce (without cilantro) to pour over the tops so they are nice and coated, however if you have extra of the cilantro sauce you could pour that over the top as well. Bake the enchiladas at 350 for 20-30 minutes. I find that the time varies a little due to the type of bake ware you use.

These enchiladas are great on their own, but I like to garnish it with a little salsa, avocado and a sprinkle of fresh chopped cilantro. I hope that you enjoy these dairy-free green chicken enchiladas as much as I do!

Happy Cooking 🙂



Dairy-Free: Everything but the Kitchen Sink Cookies

So last weekend we had a sleepover with the boys’ Aunt, she is thirteen and is the most incredible Auntie …anyways, I promised the kiddos cookies. First it was chocolate chip, then it was peanut butter, and then they turned into a whole new concoction because, well, I didn’t have the right ingredients.

I assumed I had all the proper ingredients to make a simple batch of cookies, however, it seemed like everything ran out at the same time! Don’t you hate it when that happens?


Kitchen Sink Cookies

1/2 cup Earth Balance

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup agave

1 cup flour

1/2 cup oats

1/2 banana (mashed)

2 cups Enjoy Life chocolate chips (or another dairy-free brand)

1/2 cup peanut butter

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon baking soda

Bake these bad boys at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes. These came out so yummy and soft, and they were full of peanut buttery, banana-y, chocolately goodness.

Happy Baking 🙂

What’s for Dinner? Stir-Fry

I make a basic stir-fry almost every other week, because it is inexpensive, easy and I make enough to last for several meals…not having to cook dinner is always a big bonus in my book. Besides all that, I just don’t seem to tire of stir-fry; plus this is the ONLY way my toddler will eat broccoli.

Every once in a while I will make a more elaborate stir-fry with extra veggies and eggs, but lately I have just been keeping it simple with just five ingredients that I almost always have on hand. I have this great stove top wok that my dad bought me for Christmas one year that I use to cook all this yummy-ness in.

I start off by heating up my wok and adding a little oil, I typically use olive oil, once the wok has heated I add approximately a pound of diced chicken and cook thoroughly. While the chicken is cooking I will steam my rice, I don’t have a fancy rice cooker and I don’t measure, but I dump almost half of a one pound bag of rice into the pot. Once the chicken is cooked I add a pound of broccoli to the wok, you can use fresh or frozen. Once the broccoli starts getting tender I will add in teriyaki sauce, and again, I don’t measure, I just add enough to coat the chicken and the broccoli.

Almost all of the teriyaki sauce at the market contained gluten, but I got lucky and found this gluten-free version made by Annie Chun’s, it has a much subtler flavor than your typical teriyaki sauce, but is worked perfectly in this dish. Once the rice is done cooking I add it into the wok and mix it with the other ingredients; at this point I do a little taste test to see if it needs additional teriyaki sauce or even soy sauce. I haven’t come across any soy sauce that contains dairy or gluten, but like always, be label conscious.

DairyFree GlutenFree StirFry


One pound of chicken breasts

One pound of broccoli

Half a pound of rice (approx)

Dairy/Gluten-Free Teriyaki Sauce

Oil, such as olive


Dairy/Gluten-Free Soy Sauce

Happy Wok’ing 😉

Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free: Toddler Lunch

Hello my lovely readers!

I’ve shared a dairy-free and gluten-free toddler breakfast and dinner, so I figured I should share a lunch too. I was talking with one of my girlfriends on the phone earlier today and she told me about this delicious turkey sandwich that she has been making for lunch, so I just HAD TO HAVE a turkey sandwich too…I’m sure you know how that is!

So, I kept our lunch fairly simple today. I let the toddler pick out his fruit and veggie of choice, which happened to be an orange and some carrots; I cut the carrots into chunks and sliced up the orange (he likes his orange still attached to the peel). I toasted his bread, I always do this to make it a little softer, then added some avocado, turkey and lettuce; I even cut it into a train shape with my amazing skills, just kidding, I used a cookie cutter! Then to finish it off, I added a little coconut milk yogurt, it gets some good bacteria into your body and some calcium too.

Dairy Free and Gluten Free Toddler Lunch

The raw fruits and veggies are naturally dairy and gluten free, as well as the coconut milk yogurt. Apparently some lunch meats have gluten, so make sure to check the ingredient lists, and leave out those nasty nitrates and nitrites too! Last, but not least, I used the Franz 7 Grain bread again, it has basically become a staple in my home because it doesn’t have gluten or dairy (I am still a big advocate for Dave’s Killer Bread, but it isn’t gluten free).

I always share the before photos of our meals, but I thought I would show you the after photo…well, because toddlers will be toddlers and they don’t always eat what all you serve up! If the left overs are salvageable you can always save them for another meal or snack, eat them yourself, feed them to your dog (as long as its okay for them to eat), stick it in the compost…or throw it away.

I think most toddlers refuse food at some point in their young lives, and it is totally normal! I know a lot of parents worry, as do I, about your child getting all the nutrients that they need. This is when smoothies seriously come in handy, you can shove all sorts of things in the blender and make something that tastes awesome and not healthy…hehe…little do they  know, that it is.

DF GF Toddler Lunch

Happy Munching 🙂


Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free: Spicy Buffalo [Cauliflower] Wings

Buffalo wings are an American staple, especially when it comes to the weekend and sitting in front of the boob-tube watching sports. These aren’t your typical buffalo wing though, thanks to Peta, these are made with cauliflower.

Cauliflower isn’t actually something I buy that frequently, despite the cauliflower fad that seems to be taking place. It’s not that I don’t like it, but I can’t ever seem to think of a good way to prepare it- until now; when I was young my mom used to make a recipe that she called, frosted cauliflower , and it was so yummy and cheesy but I haven’t had that in years.

Dairy Free and Gluten Free Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

Spicy Buffalo [Cauliflower] Wings

One head of cauliflower

One cup of water or dairy-free milk

One cup of flour of choice

Two tsp garlic powder


One cup buffalo wing sauce

One tablespoon dairy-free butter or olive oil

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. For these “wings” you need to chop up a head of cauliflower, when chopped coat in the flower mixture; I used water and all-purpose gluten free flour (my awesome grandma gave me a 5lb bag of the Namaste brand). Place in a baking dish and stick in the oven for 18 minutes. While the cauliflower is cooking, make the sauce; I used Frank’s Red Hot and Earth’s Balance Organic Whipped. After the time has elapsed, pour the sauce over the cauliflower and mix it all up. Peta’s recipe said to cook for an additional 5 to 8 minutes, but I cooked them for 10.

These turned out pretty darn well, if I do say-so myself. They don’t have a strong cauliflower flavor, but they are nice and spicy (I got an extra hot buffalo sauce), and have a nice soft crunch. Yummy!

P.S. Frank’s Red Hot states that it has a “natural butter type flavor”, I am not sure what it is, but I have been assured that it is in fact vegan.

Happy Baking 🙂

Dairy-Free: Taqueria-Style Carne Asada Tacos

I have a love for carne asada tacos, they come in close second to my all-time favorite Mexican food, tamales! There is this little restaurant a couple of towns over that got me hooked on taqueria style tacos. They are so simple but packed with so much flavor.

Taqueria-Style Carne Asada Tacos

Serving Size: 18-25

1.5 lbs of carne asada
1 white onion
1/2 a bunch of cilantro
a few limes
18-50 ‘dairy-free’ corn tortillas (quantity is dependent upon tortilla double-up)

optional: ‘dairy-free’ salsa

Cook your carne asada on the barbecue and when it is close to done toss your tortillas on as well to heat them up. While the carne is cooking you can chop up the onion and cilantro and cut the limes into squeezable slices. When the carne is done, chop it up. To assemble your taco, place your corn tortilla on your plate or your hand and top it with the carne, onions and cilantro and squeeze some fresh lime on top. I really enjoy salsa but these are good with or without it, but if you do use salsa I would recommend a nice smooth salsa rather than pico de gallo style.

Dairy Free Taqueria Style Carne Asada Tacos

Enjoy 🙂


Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free: Rice Krispy Treats

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween! Ours was pretty great, and I am happy to report that not one single piece of chocolate (or other milk filled) candy has been ingested…woohooo!

We had some Halloween colored sprinkles that needed to be used, so why not make some rice krispy treats with some flair? Rice kripsy treats bring up childhood nostalgia and even though I am not a child anymore, they are still pretty darn tasty.

Dairy Free and Gluten Free Rice Krispy Treat Ingredients

There is just three basic ingredients to make a good rice krispy treat:

  1. Rice Krispies. Kellogg’s has gluten-free Rice Krispies that are made with brown rice and they don’t have dairy, double score!
  2. Butter. But since we can’t have butter I opted for Earth Balance Organic Whipped
  3. Marshmallows. I used Kraft Jet Puffed, they don’t have gluten or dairy, but they aren’t vegetarian. If you don’t know why, then I’ll tell you in a minute.

Dairy Free and Gluten Free Rice Krispies

Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free Rice Krispy Treats

3 TBSP Earth Balance

10 oz Marshmallows

6 cups Rice Krispies

Optional: Awesome sprinkles

Making rice krispy treats is incredibly easy. Put a big pot on the stove, I set the stove to medium, and add in the butter. Once the butter is melted add in the marshmallows, stir them to make sure they don’t burn, once they are melted add the rice krispies and lightly mix until it is uniformly combined. I used an 8×8 glass dish that I greased with some Earth Balance to prevent sticking. I added the rice krispy  mixture to the dish and pressed it down evenly (I used clean hands on this step). Then I had some little helpers dump on the sprinkles.

You could let the treats sit until they cool and then cut them into squares, but I didn’t wait 😉

Dairy Free and Gluten Free Rice Krispy Treats

Okay, so now about marshmallows not being vegetarian. They are not vegetarian because of one seemingly innocent ingredient, gelatin. If you don’t know how gelatin is made, I am about to inform you…gelatin is made up of animal parts, like skin and cartilage, and it is boiled for an extensive amount of time to create, well, gelatin. Kind of gross, huh? So it may come to a surprise, but that means vegetarians cannot eat gummy bears or Jell-O either! However, there is a vegan gelatin that is used in some products called agar agar, so be label conscious. If you are vegetarian and want to make rice kripsy treats there are a couple of brands of marshmallows you can use, such as: Sweet & Sara and Dandies or if you are adventurous enough you could make your own!

Snap, Crackle, Pop ;P