Cheeseless Pizza

It’s Friday night and it seemed fitting to have pizza while we watched Ice Age 3. I decided to make homemade pizza so that I could ensure that it was dairy-free. There are several pizza crust recipes online that don’t contain dairy like this one. Some grocery stores, like Safeway, sell a homemade type pizza dough ball for a reasonable price that doesn’t contain dairy.

I don’t know about your kids, but my toddler goes through phases where sometimes he likes to eat certain foods, like veggies, and sometimes he refuses them so I added extras into our pizza sauce. I used a small amount of sauce since our pizza was small, but I’ll give you my recipe below and you can double or triple it if you need!

Veggie Pizza Sauce

2 Tablespoons tomato based pizza sauce

2 Tablespoons pureed sweet potato

1/8 cup veggies, sauteed

I sauteed a small handful of spinach and some red and green bell peppers, I then added the veggies, the pureed sweet potato, and tomato sauce into a blender and blended it until I got a smooth consistency. ย It doesn’t seem like a lot of veggies, but it makes me feel better knowing they are in there ๐Ÿ˜‰

I greased my pizza sheet and flattened my dough until it was uniform. I spread on the sauce and then added some toppings, I chose turkey pepperoni, red and green bell peppers and some olives. I know it seems like cheese is a staple for pizza but it is actually good without it. If you can’t live with out cheese there are some dairy free cheese shreds on the market you could always add on top.

Cheeseless Pizza

Get creative and make your own homemade cheeseless pizza!

Happy Baking ๐Ÿ™‚


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