Greek Style Yogurt Parfait

I think one of the things that I miss most about eating a diet rich in dairy is yogurt. I love a yogurt that is thick and creamy, and I was slightly obsessed with the Fage Greek yogurt. I’ve tried several dairy-free yogurts, but I just was not able to find one that was palatable to my or my toddlers taste buds. I do realize that some of the products that we eat contain soy, and there is a vast difference in opinions about the consumption of soy, but I don’t feel comfortable replacing dairy for soy, in other-wards, I try not to buy soy yogurts, milks and cheeses.

With that said, I was so excited when I was looking online and game across the So Delicious Greek Style yogurt. I searched for retailers in my area that carry the product and there was only ONE single store in a 20 mile radius and that store just happened to be about 15 miles away. Needless to say, I went and bought a couple of containers (the only available flavor was blueberry).

It has the slight coconut flavor since it is made with coconut milk, but it offers the creaminess that I desired. Unlike dairy Greek yogurt, it does not contain much protein but it is lower in calories and has 8g of fiber, plus it has 6 active and live cultures so its beneficial to our guts! High five for gut health!

So Delicious Greek Style


Greek Style Yogurt Parfait

So Delicious Greek Style yogurt (or you could use any type of yogurt you like)

Homemade Granola

Fruit (I used banana)

Greek Style Yogurt Parfait

I hope you like it as much as I do!

I was not asked to promote this So Delicious Greek style yogurt and I was not paid or given any incentive. All opinions are mine.


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