Arts and Crafts: Painting with Cars

Happy Sunday!

We are having a lazy Sunday, partially because the washing machine is broken so I can’t do laundry and because the little guy has a cold and I think I’m coming down with one. I am trying to be positive about it, it has been a full 48 hours since I have washed a load of laundry, so I’m going to relish this time rather than think of the clothes and linens that are piling up.

Anyways, I have a great mommy friend who has inspired me to do more arts and crafts! She is always posting these great photos on Instagram of the things that her and her son are making and she also has a pretty excellent Pinterest board going of ideas.

I am planning on making a trip to the dollar store to find some materials, but today we went with what we had on hand. I found this idea on Pinterest.

I had the brilliant idea to put saran wrap on the table, to not only protect it, but save on dirty dishes and for an easy clean-up! I laid down a piece of white sketch-pad paper (you can use construction or whatever you’d like), set out some cars and squirted some paint onto the saran wrap.

Car Painting

Then they took the cars and drove them through the paint and onto the paper. All the little cars had different tread patterns on their wheels.

Car Painting1

Car Painting2

Drum roll please…

Car Painting3

Happy Painting!


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