What’s for Dinner? Cheese-less Nachos

When your on a budget it can be difficult to buy all the special ingredients needed to make dairy-free versions of dishes. So, sometimes its just easier to take a meal that you all love and omit the cheese or whatever the offending ingredient may be. Growing up we often had a Friday pizza night that we all looked forward to, in fact my parents still do it πŸ™‚ But when I flew the coop instead of Friday pizza we somehow started a Thursday nacho and movie night, so every (well, almost) Thursday we would make a big plate of Nachos and veg-out on the couch while watching funny movies.

I’m sad to say that it had been almost two years since we partook in the tradition, but tonight the dry-spell came to an end! I made a simple nacho with: corn chips, refried beans, seasoned chopped chicken breast, diced avocado and a lot of fire roasted salsa. The ingredients were so flavorful that I didn’t miss the globs of gooey cheese at all. For those of you that want a dish that is lower in carbs, it would be really yummy to use lettuce leaves to scoop up your toppings instead of chips.

Remember, simple is sometime better πŸ™‚

Oh, and make sure to come back Sunday, I will be posting a recipe for a vegan chocolate cake, yum-o!

image (1)


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