Dave’s Killer Bread

My toddler just happens to be a sandwich fanatic like his mom ;). Our two favorites are turkey with avocado and good ‘ole peanut butter…or as he says, “Pee-Bo”.

I searched for a very long time to find a good bread (that I didn’t have to make myself), we tried dozens of brands and I was never satisfied with the texture or the flavor. The only bread that stood a chance was potato bread but I never felt good serving that to my family.

Then, one day I came across Dave’s Killer Bread, the clouds parted in the sky and the sun shone upon this loaf of bread and I knew my search was over. I may be exaggerating a little but this bread is SO GOOD!

There’s a great back story that goes along with this bread, check out their website, Dave’s Killer Bread! It’s still a newer product on the market so it isn’t sold in every state yet but it seems like its starting to make its way into new places, and you can order online!

Our bread of choice is, Good Seed Thin Sliced. If you haven’t gone out and bought some already, do it NOW!




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